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Roof Snow and Ice Removal
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Every winter we hear news reports of the damage and fatal accidents caused from ice dams and roof collapses from heavy snow. 

Warning Signs that Your Roof or Deck is About to Collapse!

Snow can weigh up to 21 pounds per cubic foot.  Before a roof collapses from the weight of heavy, or wet snow, heed these warning signs and protect your property and your life!

Take Snow Removal Action Immediately if you notice the following:

Obviously, a sagging roof

Pushed out sprinkler heads in ceiling

Cracking and creaking sounds coming from roof
Difficulty in keeping doors and windows open, or doors coming open by themselves
Heavy roof leaks
Cracks in walls

What to Look for in a Snow Removal Professional

Be sure that they are licensed and insured - that sets them apart from inexperienced contractors.

Ask for a quote.  An honest and experienced roofing company should be able to give you a quote.

Play it safe by hiring a company that's been in business for several years.

Ask what methods will be used to remove the snow. Be sure that they have the proper snow removal equipment and safety equipment.

Where will they put the snow once it is removed from the roof?  You don't want to have sidewalks and entrances blocked with snow.

Ask for references.

Ask if they guarantee their work?  A professional will do the job correctly, and if you are not satisfied, will come back and make it right.


Reasons to Hire a Roofing Professional for Snow Removal

Avoid accidents or falls from ladders and roof

Avoid possible hypothermia from exposure to frigid temperatures

A roofing professional will have the proper gear and ice removal tools, sturdy extension ladders, properly anchored safety harnesses

Avoid damage to roofing underneath snow

Avoid accidents from metal rakes with power lines

Avoid accidents from falling snow

Professionals will have the equipment to remove the snow from the doorways, entrances and exits of your home or building.


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