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Architectural Shingles - High End Asphalt Shingle

Benefits and Features of Laminated Architectural Shingles:

  Architectural shingles have a unique visual appearance. Instead of a running row pattern that is observed with 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles have a cedar shake texture appearance that give a more dramatic look to a home.
  Architectural shingles are also excellent for hiding roof imperfections due to their textured look.
  Architectural shingles are also excellent for more complicated and higher end roof lines, such as hip roofs, or roofs that include turrets and gables.
  They are thicker, heavier, they have more asphalt per square inch, making them less susceptible to curling and wind damage. They'll last longer than standard shingles.
  Architectural shingles come in many colors, textures and patterns. Some architectural shingles are designed to replicate the look of slate shingles or cedar wood shakes, but without the same high cost, heavy weight or susceptibility to insect damage.
  Architectural shingles that have heavy coats of granules are also highly fire resistant.
  Because of their higher quality construction and longer warranties, architectural shingles are priced higher than 3-tab shingles. However, the benefits of architectural shingles far outweigh the cost in most circumstances.

Comparison of Asphalt 3-Tab and Laminated/Architectural Shingles


3-Tab Shingles

Laminated/Architectural Shingles

Product Warranty

25-40 years


Wind Resistance

60 mph

110-130 mph

Wind Warranty

5 years

15 years

Algae Resistance

10 years

10 years


Single Color

Contrasting Shades/Colors

Initial Cost

Less expensive

More expensive

Algae Resistant Architectural Shingles

Fortunately most types of architectural shingles that are manufactured today are coated with zinc or copper granules which help to prevent algae growth. However, make sure you select shingles that are algae resistant, especially for high humidity areas, or north facing roofs with light color shingles. Algae can be damaging, and cause black algae streaks to run down the roof lines.