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Slate Roofing - Most Environmental - 100% Natural

Benefits and Features of Slate Roofing:

  A slate roof’s longevity alone makes it an environmental plus
  Slate contributes no detrimental substances to the environment
  Slate helps keep other roofing materials out of landfills
  Slate’s density adds to temperature stability of a structure
  Resistant to fire, storm, wind, snow and ice
  Natural stone makes it waterproof
  Reduces insurance premiums
  Can help lower net energy costs and maintenance costs
  Lasts forever.  Slate can be recycled when it outlasts the building
Inspecting Your Roof Structure

As part of the estimation process, your roofing contractor should inspect your roof structure and inform you of any damage to the underlying wood prior to removing the old roof materials.  The roofing estimate should include the cost of  replacing any damaged materials.

At times, it is possible that hidden damage may not be discovered until after the roof surface is removed.